Associations I support

Antidote Denmark, is an organization whose main purpose is to save as many human lives as they can. I believe that everyone should have their course in first aid to drug overdose,
so there is a chance that more drug users will be saved, Human life is Human life every one is worth saving.
The Course in first aid to drug overdose is free for people that live in Denmark so there is no reason not to get this Course.
You can find out more On the facebook #antidote Denmark or on their website

LVS, is clearly also one of the most aware of the associations I support, they organize holiday camps for vulnerable citizens and promote the health of exposed citizens through sports tournaments for vulnerable citizens, Lvs has a large voluntary base of people who want to help vulnerable citizens . I help LVS as much as I can, I think the project is super good and necessary. They have a facebook page #LVS and have a home page