To be completely honest about why I chose Photography as a hobby, it started with I was very stressed and lacked something that could get my mind on another trail, I started walking by my birth towns river, which is the only one we have in Denmark, and I found that give me the break I needed, after sometimes by our river, I thought about all the beautiful sunsets, all the animals and flowers I saw, thinking that I might have to get a camera, but first I had to learn a little how to use one. So I started searching for it and found Tony and Chelsea northrup youtube channel, after seeing some video with them I found out they also sold books and after they were from the USA, I had to buy them online in pdf format I bought all their books and can thank them for the most I know about taking pictures, but I was eager for more knowledge about photography so I bought 5 Danish books and also read them with most of what was available, I already knew because I had read Tony And Chelsea Nortrup’s books. I then bought the Nikon D3300 and 2 Lense in addition to what was included and then I started to photograph.
I have 2 cameras now , and the one i prefer now is my Sony A7 mr2 its a fullframe camera , i have 2 lenses for that , the kit lens 24mm – 70mm and my fe 1.8 50mm , im trying to get the 100-400 mm lense for this camera , but that is not cheap lense 🙂
How ever i do use my Nikon D3300 for taking photos of wild life becouse i have a 300 mm lens for that Camera , that would probly change when i can get the 100-400 mm for my Sony but for now im using the nikon for that.

I have also been asked to take photos for various events. because I only see my self as a hobby photographer I did not take money for it, but paymentwas that I got much more experience.
Someone will call it stupid, but experience can not be bought for money and it is something you can only gain by trying. So learn by doing 🙂

I owe a big thank you to Tony and Chelsea Nortrup Although they do not know me and probably do not know that I live, their books and videos have helped me so much that if they did not make and write the books and videos then I probably wouldnt have so much knowledge and mabee have given up learning to Photographers. So a big thank you to Tony and Chelsea Northrup.